What areas of Metro Cleveland do you service?

Our primary service areas are Cuyahoga County and those counties located east, west and south of Cuyahoga County. We will gladly travel to any areas outside of these locations at an additional charge based on the distance and travel time required.  Please see our Rates page for details.

How much time does a typical photo shoot require?

Our standard real estate photography listing package is usually completed within one to two hours of arriving onsite.  A Luxury real estate photography listing package is typically completed within two and a half to three hours.  Should any specialty shots such as twilights or low-level aerials be requested, we typically need an additional hour of access to the property.  

There are no short cuts to obtaining the level of quality our clients have come to expect.  It is a time consuming and laborious process but one that we approach with passion and enthusiasm every time.

How long does it take to process and deliver the photos once the shoot is finished?

In most cases we are able to deliver a final product within 24-48 hours.  Should more time be required the client will be informed.

What should I/my clients do to ready the property for the photo shoot?

We recommend that agents visit the property the day before the photo shoot to ensure the property is picture perfect.  We have put together a checklist that is helpful in determining what is needed.  This will help speed up our process and allow you to receive your images with a faster turn around.

How will I receive the photos?

Once completed, we will deliver via email with a link to a Dropbox file created exclusively for your property.

Will my photos look as good as the photos on your website and other marketing materials?

Yes!  The photos presented on our website are actual images delivered to our clients.  Every client receives the same attention to detail and professionalism that we have built our reputation on.  If we accept your assignment, rest assured your images will look just as good as what you have seen so far.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Will the photos need to be resized before posting to the MLS or other online real estate sites?

No.   We deliver all photos at a single size that is specifically optimized to make use of the maximum file size and resolution recommended for print and high resolution displays.   

Custom resizing is available upon request

What is your inclement weather rescheduling policy?

In the event of inclement weather or the prospect of less than ideal shooting conditions, we will offer an alternative appointment time to the client.

Does someone need to be present at the property at the time of the shoot?

No.  We are able to access listed properties via Lockbox key, or with the homeowner or listing agent present.

Do you do your own post processing and editing or do you contract that work out?

We are proud to say that we do all our own post processing and editing.  In fact, we have developed proprietary techniques and methods that set us apart from other Cleveland real estate photographers.  We are fully versed in Adobe Photoshop, Photomatix Pro, Adobe Premier Pro Video, and Adobe Camera RAW editing.

Do you use supplemental on-site lighting or only available light?

Both.  We are equipped with several supplemental lights and strobes as well specialty items such as umbrellas and gels.  All shots are taken to make the best use of available light but we can, and will use supplemental lighting should the occasion call for it.

Can I use the photos on my website or other marketing that does not pertain to the subject property?

Yes, you are allowed to use the photos to advertise you or your services in addition to marketing the subject property.  Please review our Copyright Information for additional details.

Do you offer photography services for non-real estate events like weddings or portraits?

No.  We are real estate photography specialists and only offer photography services that pertain to real estate, architecture, landscape and commercial marketing.  We do not do weddings, portraits or child/infant photography, however, we are able to offer a referral to some of Cleveland’s top photographers in these areas.